Laser Hair Removal

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We offer free consultations for laser hair removal. Feel free to contact us to book your appointment.

Our no-package approach means that you do not have to pay upfront for a number of treatments, and instead have the freedom to pay for individual treatments as you go. This is more affordable and gives clients more flexibility in choosing the kinds of services they wish to have performed each time.

Ladies Price List

Price (Per Treatment)
Bikini Line with Free Underarms99
Brazilian Bikini with Free Underarms149
Full Legs with Free Bikini Line299
Full Legs with Brazilian Bikini350
Lower Legs (Includes Toes & Knees)149
Half Arms120
Full Arms160
Upper Lip39
Upper Lip and Chin60
Full Face (Without Neck)89
Full Face (With Neck)109
Neck Only80

Gentlemen Price List

Price (Per Treatment)
Full Back (Includes Shoulders & Back of the Neck)249
Full Front200
Full Arms200
Front or Back of the Neck80
Bikini Line150
Brazilian Bikini200
Full Legs with Free Bikini Line350
Full Legs with Brazilian Bikini400


Laser hair removal is a relatively new procedure and our potential clients usually have many questions. Therefore our introduction to this procedure consists of those answers and explanations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I'm A Good Candidate For Laser Hair Removal?

Nearly everyone is a good candidate for hair removal with the Cynosure Laser. People with natural photosensitivity, people with immune system disorders, or those that are taking medication that makes them photosensitive cannot be treated.

Patients with light skin and dark hair have best results, however TKS makes it possible for people with dark skin tones to also receive great results. Some factors that influence the treatment process are skin color, hair color, pain tolerance and hormones.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The laser light is absorbed by the pigment melanin in the hair, and goes down the hair follicle to inactivate it. These inactive follicles no longer produce hair. The scientific principle called Thermokinetic Selectivity (TKS) makes this method of hair removal particularly effective. With TKS, the laser has no effect on the surrounding skin, and only targets the hairs.

May I Shave, Wax or Pluck The Hair Before My Treatment?

The hair must be present in the follicle for the laser to work, thus no waxing or plucking can be done before the treatment. Unwanted hair should be shaved before each treatment and between treatments.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

The average number of treatments is six to eight visits for about 85%-95% hair reduction within a year to year and a half. The treatments are usually 4-8 weeks apart, although the period between treatments gradually increases. This is because at any given time, only a fraction of hair is actively growing. Only actively growing hair can be effectively removed with laser because the resting phase hair does not mature pigment which is the target for the light.

Facial hair is traditionally very difficult to treat as it is hormone dependent. More treatments are needed to treat facial hair than any other part of the body.

Everybody is different, so you never know how many treatments exactly you need. For this reason we do not sell packages of multiple treatments and we do not recommend to anyone to buy them.

What Laser Machine Does Evropa Use?

We use FDA approved medical grade Cynosure lasers for permanent hair reduction. We have both 755nm Alexindrite laser for pale skin tones and 1064nm YAG laser for olive and tanned skin. These lasers cost between 100,000 and 150,000 USD. If you do your homework you will find many inexpensive immitations being used by various places. Always ask what kind of machine is used before you make any commitment.

Is Permanent Hair Removal Guaranteed?

We cannot guarantee 100% permanent hair removal. Some new hair follicles can form over time, and people do need occasional maintenance or touch-up treatment. Lighter and thinner hairs are the most difficult to remove, and these may require more treatments and more maintenance, and more modest results should be expected. Grey, white, or red hair cannot be treated with laser hair removal and others options such as electrolysis are recommended.

Is The Treatment Painful?

There is some discomfort during the procedure likened to the snapping of a warm rubber band. Most people find this to be mild and tolerable. We use cold air to minimize any discomfort, and topical anesthetic may also be used for further comfort. Most clients find laser hair removal to be more comfortable than waxing.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Immediately after a treatment there may be some redness and/or mild puffiness, although usually this dissipates within a couple of hours. Makeup can be applied immediately after a treatment if desired.

One very common question is if all skin types be safely treated with Laser Hair removal. The answer is Yes. Due to its unique design and longer wavelength, Cynosure lasers can treat men and women of all skin tones safely and effectively. Even patients with a suntan!